Who We Are




A diverse group of talented individuals—not trees—that grow together, benefiting from each other without any substitution.

Thicket Media is a network of creative talents, throughout the Central Valley, who work collectively to bring new meaning, purpose, and value to neighboring communities.

The aim is to grow community presence and improve human well-being and livelihood through beautiful design.

Why We Exist

At Thicket Media, we realized a wide variety of people and businesses are constantly looking for creative help, but don’t know who to reach out to—most ask around until they get referred to someone.
On the other hand, many talented and creative innovators are left hungry for real-world experience, but don’t know who to reach out to—most ask around until they get referred by someone.

Converge. Collaborate. Contrive.

The quicker we connect people, the sooner we can build a better tomorrow. If one flourish, the other one will too.

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The Crafters

We are passionate designers and creative thinkers. We believe we will design a better tomorrow.

Maximilian Cao
Principal Consultant


Angela Chang


Alexandra McBride


Jordan Espejo

Join our network

Are you a passionate designer or innovator? Join our network and do great things. We are a Stockton-based collaborative with an incredible focus on community and personal growth. Join the many who are already doing the extraordinary and start disrupting the design industry.

The Commendations

“Thicket Media is a delight to work with. They took the time to listen to our needs, found solutions to challenging marketing requests, went above and beyond to complete a last minute requests in a timely manner, and most importantly provided us with a quality marketing collateral that we were delighted with. They are a team of expert that have been accommodating and pleasure to work with!”
Nikki Rodoni
Founder & CEO, Measure to Improve, LLC

“Thicket Media provided Stockton Impact Corps with professional, clean branding and professional customer service. The logos and collateral materials provided helped to lead to the successful launch of our organization and are still in use to this day.”
Mark Crokett
Executive Director, Stockton Impact Corps